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Remuneration services
The Office of Remuneration Service accounts for services in calculating and accounting of remuneration.
There is no need for extra charges for Customer for trainings for its workers who serve remuneration system because of professional adjusting to IT System for services in ORLEN Centrum Usług Korporacyjnych Sp. z o.o.
We secure remuneration service under binding at the Customer its Collective Labour Agreement or Wage Regulation.
Scope of services :
  1. Calculating remuneration under ZUZP, Wage Regulation or Labour Code.
  2. Making deductions under Labour Code
  3. Issuing payrolls and transferring them to the Customer for signing and transferring money on individual bank accounts of workers employed under contract of employment.
  4. Putting into envelopes and passing it to the Customer an information on calculated wages and deductions for each employee.
  5. Calculating and issuing individual income tax declarations under binding documents under the Act.
  6. Calculating and issuing declarations for ZUS, FP and FGŚP.
  7. Calculating social security allowances that is sickness allowance, maternity grant, rehabilitation allowance according to documents delivered by the Customer.
  8. Keeping voluntary group life insurance in different options with issuing appraisals for due allowances.
  9. Issuing certificates of any kinds on remuneration and social security allowances.
  10. Issuing lists of remuneration (DG-1) for GUS use.

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