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Accontancy & bookkeeping services
The Office of Companies Accounting Service accounts for keeping accounting books for Companies mainly from PKN ORLEN Capital Group.
To perform these tasks there are employed experienced specialists entitled for service keeping of accounting books (certificates issued by the Minister of Finance).
We provide our services using SAP R/3 financial and accounting system under FI module (ledger) and CO module (Controlling).
Scope of services :
FI Module :
  1. Adjusting Ledger accounts to peculiarity of subject in service and to accounting policy applied in PKN ORLEN Capital Group.
  2. Formal and accounting control of delivered documents.
  3. Entering in the books documents delivered from outside (invoices, notes).
  4. Keeping database of contracting parties (suppliers and recipients).
  5. Entering in the books delivered own invoices.
  6. Entering in the books bank statements and cash reports.
  7. Service of payments and agreeing of turnovers and balances and clearing of contracting parties.
  8. Preparing agreed statements of turnovers and balances and VAT tax register (both input and output taxes) at the end of each reporting period.
  9. Standard reporting from FI system.
CO Module:
  1. Fixing MPK scheme and orders which take into account Company`s peculiarity.
  2. Fixing rules of costs and incomes reporting at individual MPK and orders.
  3. Fixing the way for clearing of MPK and orders.
  4. Monthly clearance of costs registered in MPK and orders.
  5. Monthly calculation of costs of manufactured good and services.
  6. Standard reporting from FI system.
Statutory scope of reporting :
  1. Tax calculating and issuing VAT-7 declaration.
  2. Calculating individual income tax, due advance payments for each month, issuing annual CIT-8 declaration.
  3. Issuing monthly simplified financial report.
  4. Issuing quarterly reporting package according to accounting policy applied for PKN ORLEN Capital Group in order to consolidate financial reports under owner`s requirements.
  5. Issuing annual financial report according to international standards of financial reporting or/and Act on Accountancy and preparing materials for the needs of chartered accountant (expert auditor).
  6. Standard reporting from the system.
  7. Issuing statistical reports for the needs of GUS (Central Statistical Office).

    Additional scope of reporting:
    Issuing monthly „Package of Management reporting” under owner`s requirements, for uniform reporting of Company`s results for the PKN ORLEN S.A.
Financial and accounting supporting :
  1. Analysis of transactions to be made by Company under their tax accuracy: VAT tax and corporate income tax.
  2. Supporting in economic and financial analysis of Company`s data.
Service of fleet transactions, fleet clients and service of petrol stations.

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