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HR and payroll services
The Employee Service Office is responsible for services related to HR processes, payrolls, social processes, direct and phone services and payroll accounting for PKN ORLEN S.A. and Companies from ORLEN Capital Group.
Professional adjustment of the IT System to services in ORLEN Centrum Usług Korporacyjnych Sp. z o.o. does not require additional costs to be spent by the Customer on trainings of employees in order to render the above scope of services.
We ensure professional HR and payroll services based on the applicable provisions of the labour law and regulations in force in the Customer’s company, e.g. collective agreements, Salary Regulations and the Labour Code.
Scope of rendered services 
  1. Direct and indirect (rendered by phone) services for employees, former employees and contractors in respect to HR, payrolls and social area in the following scope of rendered services.
  2. Handling the employee recruitment process and changes of terms and conditions of employment.
  3. Handling the process of employee recruitment under civil law agreements (contracts of mandate, contracts for specific work).
  4. Handling the process of termination of employment agreements.
  5. Handling absences of employees resulting from the provisions of the labour law and the Customer’s internal regulations.
  6. Calculating salaries on the basis of the provisions of the labour law and the Customer’s internal regulations.
  7. Making deductions according to the provisions of the Labour Code. 
  8. Preparing payrolls and delivering them to the Customer for the purpose of their signing and sending bank transfers to personal accounts of employees. 
  9. Putting information about salaries and deductions for each employee in envelopes and providing them to the Customer. 
  10. Calculating personal income tax and preparing tax returns in compliance with applicable provisions of the Act. 
  11. Calculating social and health insurance premiums and preparing respective declarations. 
  12. Calculating contributions due to the National Fund for the Rehabilitation of Disabled and preparing respective declarations.
  13. Maintaining and handling the Employees’ Loan and Benefit Fund and the Company’s Social Benefit Fund at PKN for Employees of the companies of ORLEN Capital Group.
  14. Calculating social insurance benefits, such as sickness benefits, maternity allowance and rehabilitation allowance.
  15. Handling additional benefits under applicable legal provisions and the Customer’s internal regulations, including handling of employee pension plans and voluntary group life insurance in various options, and preparing reports on benefits due. 
  16. Issuing all types of certificates confirming employment, salaries, social insurance benefits and deductions. 
  17. Cooperation with external entities and public administration institutions in respect to execution of HR, payroll and social processes resulting from the need to secure performance for the processes for the Customer.  

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